A fantastic breakfast! Huge croissants filled with a special nut cream or marmelade, krapfens and delicious donuts! Our waiters will “cuddle” every guest to make him feel home....... Stop here for a quick break to try our little pizzas, sandwiches and the best ice cream ever! Everything rigorously home made…...


The bar, on the beach, will present you the refined patisserie Viestana!

Prepared every morning by Mrs. Nicoletta

...delicious pastries and ice cream;
...croissants and krapfens still hot, fresh and soft every day;
...tasty desserts as a cherry on top, after your lunches and dinners at Terrazza sul Mare!

Thanks to the historical culinary tradition (pastries included), we are able to offer catering services for every recurring event as birthdays, anniversaries, whether you are staying here as our guests or even just close by… everything rigorously hand made!